The Trio

April 19th, 2016

Red has performed on Hammond organ since the late 1960’s.   The TRIO is Red’s organ trio which is Red/Hammond organ and vocals; Brannen Temple/drums and Mike Malone/saxes. I have played the three of them with since I moved to Austin in 2002. He met drummer Brannen Temple on a session with singer, songwriter and friend Stephen Bruton in LA before he moved to Austin and felt a bond with this extraordinary musician. He met saxophonist Mike Malone when he moved to Austin. After working individually for years in clubs and on the road, for the last 2 years he has worked this group in live performance in Austin, around Texas and the USA. Jazz, Blues, Original compositions, vocals and groove tunes and good time music that goes in many directions sometimes in the same songs. Very eclectic influences with these guys that read and anticipate where each is going and sometimes to group improvisations. Not to be missed…

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