Virtual Recording

July 12th, 2011

Much of Red’s work today is done in the form of a “virtual session”. This eliminates the constraints of time and place. While a live,in-person session is still preferred at times, much of the work needed on recordings now is done as overdubs. With a full arsenal of keyboards: a real Hammond C3, Mason & Hamlin 7’ Grand Piano, keyboard, orchestral and brass sample library, and access to the best of Austin’s musicians playing brass, reeds and orchestral instruments, a virtual session with Red can save time and a great deal of money. Red’s experience in the studios of Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Houston and London, and his work with the best arrangers,
producers and engineers in the business over his 45 + year career brings a lot to the table and eliminates many of the pitfalls others have found themselves in.



How a virtual session works:

Send a sterio mix either mp3, WAV or AIF flie of the song or songs you want me to play on to my email address. If you have something specific in mind, let me know. I import the mix into my recording program in my computer (I use Digital Performer but can export to WAV, AIF or virtually any waveform you need). I record generally in 24bit, 44.1 but can record any format needed.

I will record several passes of piano, electric piano, Hammond organ or whatever my ear tells me will enhance the track. At that point I will send you back the mix of the song as I hear it. If you like what you hear, I will then send you all the tracks and alternate tracks I have recorded. I usually do 3 passes of each instrument (a basic instrument track, more busy and less busy).

If you need drums, percussion, bass or guitar, there are many world-class players here in Austin I work with. You would be surprised at the credits some of these guys and girls have. Just because we’re in Texas, don’t think we don’t tour the world in many different genres.

If more arranging is desired, I can do full arrangements (and have done quite a few orchestra, big band, small band and vocal arrangements for various artists). I do orchestral strings as an idea first (stereo mix) then if you like what I do, I will break the basic idea down to a traditional orchestra string section: violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and bass and send you individual mixes of those sections with the recorded orchestral samples. Since it is an actual sound of various size orchestras, it really is like you’re in the orchestra.

In addition to strings, I have the rest of the orchestra: brass (french horns, trumpet, trombone, tuba), woodwinds (piccolo/flute/oboe/english horn/bassoon/clarinet/bass clarinet), percussion (bass drum, snares, cymbals, gongs, timpani, various percussion instrumets) and choirs. I also sing and have many vocalists I work with here in Austin myself.

This is a sample of a track and how the sound changes when I add a variety of keyboard instruments to a song: (coming soon)
Here is the same song with various orchestral parts added: (coming soon)

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