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Red Young & His Hot Horns * CD & MP3

Red Young & His Hot Horns * CD & MP3

In 2016 I started a band that had at it’s core Blues, Jazz and vocals with horns supported by piano/organ, acoustic bass and drums.  I had some of the elements of what I had developed with Red and the Red Hots but much deeper and with the music of Ray Charles, Joe Williams, Count Basie, […]

Black Red Black * cd & mp3

This is the Group I’ve worked with for 15 years – Brannen Temple/drums, Ephraim Owens/trumpet, Red Young/Hammond B3 and special guests Shelley Carrol/sax and Gary Clark Jr/guitar.  We perform every week in Austin when we’re all here.  If you buy the CD / Enhanced CD there is 40 minutes of video performance as well. 

Red Young / The Organizer * cd & mp3

This is a CD I did in early 2000 with two different trios: One with Kenny Sara/drums and James Achor/guitar and Two with Willie McNeil/drums and Anthony Wilson/guitar.  It was a blast playing with both of these groups and very proud of the work we did on this album.

Red and the Red Hots / The Boogie Man * cd & mp3

This is the 2nd CD I did with the group I worked from 1985-2002 and the best selling album.  Featuring Red Young, Cassie Miller and Dina Bennett on vocals, Doug Mathews on drums, John Leitham on bass, and some great horn players: Lee Thornburg, John Papenbrook and Ralf Rickert/trumpets, Lon Price, Terry Landry, Martin Mathews […]